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14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.(Matthew 5:14)
In these current days and times when the world is looking to find new ways to remove God from our culture, one brand refuses to go away quietly. Judah Life Apparel was created to fill a void in today’s society while satisfying a growing demand for new products in an ever evolving Christian landscape. With the change of the century we've seen the birth of the new working class citizen in America along with a growing influence of urban culture (fashion, music, poetry, etc.) into corporate America. This evolution of influence is very evident in product marketing and consumer targeting through music and urban culture which is a clear indication of the growing buying power of the new working class citizen. Judah Life plans to capitalize on this shift in the consumer landscape by offering a new and unique catalog of Christian/ Kingdom inspired and influenced clothing, accessories and more.
Judah Life Apparel will not only be a leader in the retail clothing and accessories market but also shine as a beacon of light and hope in an otherwise dark world. A bold statement from an apparel line we know, but that's the difference between, Judah Life, and other brands because were not just about the products but were also about the message.

‘Live Bold, Live Proud, Live Judah Life!’

 Our Statements

Vision - The overall vision of Judah Life Apparel is to become a leading retail brand while influencing today’s culture with the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Mission – The mission of Judah Life Apparel is to become an influential retail brand in the ever changing consumer landscape by offering a unique catalog of Christian/ Kingdom inspired products.

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Judah Life Apparel
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