Judah Life Apparel - Shipping Policy

Judah Life Apparel offers shipping worldwide.

Holiday Shipping

To have the best chance of receiving orders before December 25th, orders shipping to the US domestically should be completed before December 8th. Orders shipping internationally should be completed before December 1st.

Orders placed after these dates will be fulfilled as soon as possible but can't be guaranteed to arrive prior to December 25th.

Prices for Shipping Items

The shipping price will change depending on your shipping destination and the type of items you ordered. 

Shipping / Fulfillment During COVID-19

COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted our fulfillment of products in a significant way. It's taken our normal fulfillment and shipment times of typically 7-10 days upward to anywhere from 15-35 days. 

Please note that while our normal fulfillment times have increased we are installing several new processes to shorten our order completion times. Please be aware that fulfillment times may very depending on the item ordered.

Estimated COVID-19 shipping times:

USA: 17-21 business days after fulfillment.
UK: 2-7 business days after order fulfillment.
Canada: 17-21 business days after order fulfillment.
EU countries: 15-20 business days after fulfillment.
All other countries: 20-29 business days after fulfillment.